Developer as an important partner for local community
Poland's retail market continues to mature
New Tenants in the Felicity
New tenants in the Felicity Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Lublin
Traffic system around the Felicity Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Lublin is now opened
Construction starts on the Felicity Centre in Lublin
Felicity Centre has a new logo
New tenants in the Felicity Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Lublin
New tenants in the Felicity Shopping and Entertainment Centre
Gray Named European Firm of the Year
Gray International is European Firm of 2007

Felicity in Lublin


Lublin is a major academic and cultural centre with a high expansion potential and well located on the Kiev route. Good economic prospects stem from close neighbourhood with the 50 millions Ukraine's population and a very high percentage of students (nearly 100 thousands students from all over Poland).The place's attractiveness also comes from the charming atmosphere, interesting historic background, openness and hospitality of local people characteristic for the region. Lublin is one of the safest cities in Poland.


Felicity is among the most anxiously awaited investment projects in Lublin, expected to add spice to the local service and commercial market. With outstanding retail offer and stunning architecture, Felicity will become the region's trade capital. The combination of commercial and entertainment facilities will maximise the number of visitors. Felicity will be the largest and the most modern new generation shopping mall in eastern Poland.


We have decided to build new shopping centre in the Felin district of Lublin - an area demonstrating large dynamics of growth, where on September 2007 the long-awaited sub-zone of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec was created. Nearby, there is a scientific and technology park being developed. The location is also close to the town of Świdnik where a regional airport is to be built, offering an extra inflow of visitors. With its catchment's area extending over the regions of  Lubelszczyzna and Podlasie stretching from Ryki and Tomaszów and from Biłgoraj to Radzyń, and also including parts of western Ukraine, Felicity will become a shopping mall of pan-regional importance.

Visualisations of the Felicity Project in Lublin

Enjoy watching our presentation on the Felicity Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Lublin.